We specialise in improving your:

  • results
  • revenue
  • market-share
  • profitability
  • turn-around
  • talent & capacity growth
  • economic value added
  • faster business growth
  • Facilitating project funding for non-profit Organisations / Societies / Trusts

Koreth Consulting (P) Limited was setup in 1997 and registered under the Companies Act, 1956 (Reg. No. 55-86553).


George Koreth is co-founder and Managing Director. (See Profile)

Dr. (Ms.) Kiron Wadhera is co-founder and whole-time Director. (See Profile)


The top team of Directors are not only effective consultants who produce results, but each has also been a practical CEO, responsible for top-line and bottom – line performance.


Koreth Consulting welcome an opportunity to meet your CEO/CMD of Companies, and to work closely with your management team to help them deliver and achieve high performance goals through building high – performance teams, & a high – performance organisation.


Koreth Consulting (P) Limited focusses single-mindedly on helping client companies improve their results continuously. The Top Team of consultants, has achieved a track record of  helping the CEO’s and Top Team of companies (in the private sector and public sector) to achieve measurable results and break-through in performance, whether in quantitative business areas, or qualitative organisational and managerial performance areas.

Koreth Consulting and its senior consultants utilise the best global practices, for diagnostic and remedial measures. Koreth Consulting does not merely provide reports and analysis, but works hands-on in partnership with the CEO, Top Team & Heads of Functions (and their team), to raise results and performance levels in all aspects of business and management.

Koreth Consulting is working in consortium with its Not-for-Profit Partner, “Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development” (Society). The website of ACORDASIA is: www.acordasia.com

Some of our focus areas which have practically benefited client – companies over the past 25 years are :-

  • Turn – around : of a company, division, or product – group;
  • Sales revenue : improvement in terms of volume, market-share, and growth-rate;
  • Post acquisition or merger : integration of the two organisations cultures and system;
  • Intra - preneurship development for the CEO, Top Team, and Heads of department;
  • Dealer development and motivation (200 - 500 dealers at a time, under one root for 2-3 days annually);
  • Sales Team’s : motivation – measurement, and strengthening achievement motivation;
  • Improving results in production, quality and cost reduction;
  • Improving results in materials management, purchase, leasing, and inventory control system improvement;
  • Cash-flow system management for driving better financial performance in the business;
  • Coaching & mentoring for the CEO, Top Team members and Heads of departments;
  • Building and sustaining High Performance Teams at all levels/functions
  • Developing Strategy, Structure & Culture for High Performance Sustainability.
  • Building a Better Future : The Future Search Workshop
  • Large –Group Dynamics Workshops for building “Ownership”, & generating Solutions to business issues :
    200 to 500 participants from all functions and levels working together for 3 days to create the platform for strong implementation.

  • Consumer behavioral research: Why people buy, or don’t buy? plus, consumer satisfaction surveys.
  • Applied Survey Research : Base-line, Monitoring, Evaluation, Quantitative, Qualitative
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Sustainability, Design, and consulting + training.




  • 250 to 350 participants, from all levels and all functions, in a “transformational dialogue” across functions, “under the same roof” for 3 days.

Creates and sustains;

  • Internal “ownership” for company goals;
  • Rapid and sustained transformation of the culture, to “taking personal charge for results”.


  • 100 participants (cross-session of all levels, all functions, all stakeholders both internal & external) work closely together to “CREATE A NEW FUTURE” for the company & business. There is no better investment than this
    3-day experiential workshop, for a company wanting to improve its future in a highly competitive world.




This 3-day Top Team workshop is focussed on building a very high-performance team (of the M.D./CEO and all Top Team Member). This is a business focussed, and organisation to cussed workshop, with intensive experiential processes. The Top Team will take an intensive focus on :

  • the business;
  • the technology;
  • the competition;
  • the organisation;
  • the Top Team itself;
  • all stakeholders;

This is a highly transformational workshop, and the Top Team is guaranteed to be revitalised, and to revitalise the business, and the organisation.


In addition, we have :


A) Special Services for Insurance Companies:


  1. For the first time, Insurance Companies can get a reliable and accurate measurement of the “Motivation-Drive” (type, and strength) of their large force of Insurance Advisors/Insurance Sales Force using a special Harvard process.
    The “type”, and “strength” of the “motivation-drive” directly affects their productivity and results, (given even the same knowledge and experience).
  2. Where we find that the “motivation-drives” are weak in terms of 2 specific ‘drives” : a) “Business Achievement-Drive”, and b) in the “Persuasive-Power-Drive”), we then instill, and strengthen these “drives” – these are the only 2 “drives” which directly affect their productivity and measurable business results, as proven by Harvard teams led by Dr. D.C. McClelland, for over 30 years globally, across several different cultures (Western & Asian).
  3. To further improve the quarterly and annual results, we provide the above 2 critical services to : a) all Managers and above who lead and manage the large force of Insurance Advisors; b) for the Top Team also, so that their “Achievement-Drive” & “Leadership-Drive” synchronizes, at a strong, high level of drive, and raises the Insurance Company’s Results in measurable parameters (as applied by the Company).

B) Special Services for Banks :

To improve measurable results for the Banking Sector, we offer the following services:


  1. Turn-Around of Branches that are “under-performing” : To help them turn-around, and sustain good performance, we offer the following critical services:

      1. a) “Which branches can be turned-around” : Quick survey and analysis of pro/con  
        factors, and recommendation identifying branches which can be turned-
        b) “Motivation-Drive” reliable measurement of i) Branch Managers, ii) Senior
        Staff of each such branch, specifically of 2 relevant ‘drives” : i) “Business Achievement-Drive; ii) ”Persuasive-Power-Drive”.
      2. “Business Achievement-Drive” intensive workshops designed (as per the above data) and conducted for Branch Managers & Senior Staff of such workshop (in batches of 16-20, to first strengthen and increase their “Achievement-drive” (“knowledge” and “experience” while necessary, and not sufficient for achieving turn-around).
      3. “Turn-Around” intensive workshops for Branch Manager and Senior Staff, so that they actively produce and lead the turnaround strategic plan, to achieve better results for the branches selected (by client & consultant jointly).
      4. “Branch Customer Survey” – we will design and conduct this to help find a) levels of customer satisfaction, b) ways to pull in more customers for the branches;
      5. “Persuasive-Power-Drive” workshops for Branch Manager & Senior Staff to improve their “Leadership Drive” & “Team Morale”.
      6. Providing continues consulting support and services for turn-around of the branches, on a weekly/ fortnightly basis.
      7. Monthly-Monitoring & Review Meeting with a) Branch Managers, b) Senior staff: we will design and support / help with this process every month to achieve improve results and turn-around.


  2. Helping Banks to reduce a) Future NPA’s ; (“Bad Loans”) b) Past NPA’s (“Bad Loans”) :

      1. Banks have the expertise and experience to thoroughly analyse a “Business Project Plan”, as prepared and submitted by loan-seekers.
      2. But even an A+ class “Business Project Plan”, when managed by 3 different “Project-Heads” and their “Project-Teams” can have outcomes/results ranging from:
        a) Excellent
        b) Mediocre
        c) Failure
        Even with equally comparable “knowledge” & ‘experience” of each team.
      3. We in “Koreth Consulting (P) Limited” have the expertise to do a special “Psychometric Analysis” of the Project Head + Project Senior Team member, (based on a globally proven Harvard process) to analyse the “inner-drive” of the Project-Head and Team, and reliably indicate whether they can and are likely to make the investment/loan/borrowing for the Business Project (from the bank) :
        1. Successful/Profitable
        2. Break-even (or near)
        3. Failure / Loss-making.


      This can be used as additional data/projections by the banks, to reduce both future and past/present NPAs - even for past/present NPAs the banks would find this data/projection useful, to complement their own technical/economic/commercial analysis of the project, and take decisions that do not result in further increasing NPAs (past and future) by adding this psychometric Analysis to the Banks own Financial/Technical analysis, the banks can add a reliable technique with a reliable outcome.


      We can also provide these services for :

      a) V.C. Funds;

      b) Angel Funds;

      c) Incubators;

      d) P/E Funds;


      in order to help them take more successful funding – decisions to start-up ventures, to help reduce the known “failure-rate” (which is high).


Some of the esteemed clients of Prof. George Koreth & Dr. Kiron Wadhera have been:-


  • Steel Authority of India
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
  • Airtel – British Telecom JV
  • HCL Group.
  • NIIT
  • Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Birla Sun Life Ltd.
  • DFID (U.K.)
  • Planning Commission
  • Delhi Government
  • ESCOTEL (pre-merger with Idea)
  • Hughes Software System
  • BSES


Services for International Development Organisations, National Development Organisations, Social Development Organisations: The Top Consulting Team of Koreth Consulting in consortium with ACORDASIA, also helps several developmental organisations with consulting, training, communication tools, participatory processes, and survey research for rural and urban change – projects. The core focus is still the same : performance improvement; involving all stake-holders in participatory change processes; discovering “Common-ground” out of differing interests and opposing interests, and building “ownership” and energy to translate into successful implementation and achievement of objectives. Some of our clients are:

  • Plan International (USA)
  • Plan India & Partners
  • UNDP
  • Education Dept., Government of Delhi
  • Social Welfare Dept., Government of Delhi
  • Christian Children’s Fund
  • Japan Bank of International Cooperation funded projects
  • JICA Supported Projects
  • Indian Social Institute
  • Jesuit Educational Association
  • New Education Group
  • Delhi Govt. : Citizen’s Partnership in Governance
  • Rajasthan Govt. : Citizen’s Partnership in the Administration
  • Delhi Govt.: “Future Search” – the next 5 years.
  • Rajasthan Govt. : “Future Search” – Jaipur 2012
  • Planning Commission of India : “Future Search” – the next 10 years
  • USAID + CRS : Food for work Projects
  • Social Entrepreneurship for Non-Profit Organisations
  • NORAD: Women’s Micro-Enterprise Development for Rural Poverty Reduction
  • Municipal Corporation of Delhi : Solid Waste Management
  • MCD : People’s Participation Projects for the Yamuna Action Plan – I & II
  • CIDA : Socio-Technical System For the I.G. Canal


We Welcome and look forward to discussion with Heads of Developmental Organisations who are keen to
a) improve results, b) develop more effective organisations, and c) involve all stake-holders in the most effective participatory dynamics to forge collaboration and sustainability of change on the ground.

Also see website of ACORDASIA - a consortium partner with Koreth Consulting (P) Limited